Control The Zone™ Feedback

Finally was able to watch this recent update and I was really glad I did! Often times I ask myself if I’m able to still impact others and this series has reminded me to be on the outlook for those that could use a kind word or something else! You and your family have always been such an inspiration to our family! Thank you for sharing this great news!” 
–Jeff and Carol Weis

Jack, this is an incredible series !! It should be required viewing for everyone in the Angels organization but more importantly everyone in business and life. Any young person whether in sports or not should see this. Spiritually advising the “divine appointments ” our Lord provides us should wake everyone up to the reality of life and each of our place in it.  Your lessons of threes is on the spot and your emphasis on being still brings me my favorite.

Psalm 46:10 – We all need to be still and feel the peace of God.

In us and our divine appt!  Pointing out the superiority and insecurity is a huge talisman to grasp in life regardless of position or goal.  I think “faith and patience” should anchor everything we do. In my opinion people want big directional signs from God when all the Lord wants us to do is pay attention.

You have done a exceptional job and should be proud .  I am sure you are but if you are not.

It would be great to include a workbook to go along. Simply wonderful Jack.  This is a great series for everyone in any field and almost any age. Well done my friend.  It’s a grand slam for sure.” 
— Randy Seals