Having confidence while in the batter’s box is not a given.

It takes a lot of fundamental work and game success to build confidence in knowing that every time you get in the box, you’ll get a hit.

Invariably, all hitters will go through times when they don’t get many hits. It is at this point that you stop believing in your ability and start hoping to get hits. Confident hitters with stable approaches can keep these times from turning into long-lasting slumps.
In other words Compete- Chase the Approach not the Results. < See my blog on Competition

The 8-Step Hitting Cycle

  1. Hitter creates a plan and fundamental approach
  2. Hitter establishes success
  3. Hitter becomes unconscious because the game becomes easy
  4. Hitter has a couple of bad at bats or just doesnt get a hit.
  5. Hitter loses vision
  6. Hitter becomes conscious with increasing self-doubt from every out
  7. Hitter searches for quick fix
  8. Hitter bottoms out and reestablishes plan and fundamental approach

The good news is, numbers 4-8 can be eliminated by controlling your metal approach and routine.

In other words, you need to change your self-talk.  < See my blog on self talk. 


How do I control the slump ?

Simply put, a slump equals poor quality at bats and poor contact.

You must first understand the 8-step cycle and recognize the warning signs of going into a slump and redirect your thought process back to positive mental and physical routines.
2nd one must not be so quick to make a mechanical change or search for the quick fix. 90% of the time its mental not mechanical.